WRENTHAM - So far, the winter of 2019-20 has not been a typical frigid season for the state of Massachusetts. But still, temperatures that dip into the range of twenty to forty degrees are still too cold to partake in too many outdoor activities that are typically reserved for the warm tones of summer. If you are still looking to have some fun, though, then fear not. There are plenty of indoor activities that can be exceedingly fun, especially if you are a fan of reality competition series based on athletic skills like American Ninja Warrior and Wipeout.

Supercharged Entertainment is currently undergoing the prime winter season for their massive "Ninja Wipeout" obstacle course in Wrentham, Massachusetts. It is an indoor excursion that is fun for the whole family, even if the kids are the ones who are going to be running the obstacle course, rather than the adults, whose backs might hurt just by looking at the endless athletic challenges.

Have you ever watched competitors run the Big Balls on Wipeout or the Salmon Ladder on American Ninja Warrior and thought to yourself, If I could just get a shot at those, I could do them, too? This is your chance to prove yourself. The obstacle course has a ball pit that is filled with massive rubber bouncy balls. The ball pit also serves as the base (rather than water) for a canvas net that you have to climb across while hanging upside down. There are walls to run up and unstable tables to sprint across. Anything you could want from an elaborate, challenging obstacle course is here. There are also options available for younger children, depending on whether or not they're up to test their stamina.

In addition to the impressively-designed obstacle course, "Ninja Wipeout" also comes equipped with a go-kart track that has earned the title of the largest indoor go-karting track in the entire world! Isn't that something? And it's right here in our backyard. Granted, your feats will not be celebrated by commentators like Matt Iseman or John Henson, but the sense of accomplishment you'll feel within yourself is worth all that and more.

Image via Wikimedia Commons