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Workers at Logan Air Traffic Control Express Frustration & Concern Due To Furloughed

Workers at Logan Air Traffic Control Express Frustration & Concern Due To Furloughed

Boston, MA - Air Traffic Control Center workers have an important job: They protect all passengers traveling in the sky. However, due to the government shutdown, thousands of these workers have been working without pay. Either that, or they’ve been furloughed.

Mick Devine, one of the air traffic control workers over at Logan International Airport, came forward to give his personal commentary. In an interview, Devine stated that being without pay puts a strain on the family. In his specific case, Devine and his wife are both air traffic controllers, leaving their household without two pays for the time-being, and a baby at home. Devine says there are 38 air traffic control workers over at Logan experiencing similar issues.

All U.S. residents are aware that the federal government partially shut down around the holidays after the nation’s lawmakers were unable to make a decision regarding the budget agreement. Because of this, many workers are starting to get frustrated and nervous.

According to officials, there are approximately 3,000 aviation safety professionals who are currently furloughed. If the shutdown continues on longer, Devine stated that there may be a delay in the majority of the flights leaving airports. The reason behind this will be due to the operators either retiring early or quitting their jobs at the air traffic control center. This, in turn, will cause airports to be less safe in the years to come, specifically because it takes approximately five years for an air traffic controller to be fully certified. If the controllers are starting to quit and retire, there will be a long wait for more to become certified. This shut down could potentially harm the future of aviation safety.

Some travelers have come forward to provide their personal commentary, too. Norman Jay, for instance, came forward to say that his heart goes out for those control workers out their living without paychecks right now. Jay feels it’s unfair for families and children to have to go without pay and potentially have financial issues arise at home.