WORCESTER—A Worcester woman was arrested on Monday on charges of robbery, assault, and trespassing in connection with an unarmed theft at a local nursing home, according to Worcester police.

Elanna Williams, 25, of Worcester was taken into custody on an existing warrant at a Country Club Blvd residence and faces additional charges of Unarmed Robbery, Vandalism, Assault and Battery on a Person who is 60 or Older, and Trespassing resulting from a violent attack at the Christopher House nursing home in Worcester on January 14.

The arrest is the result of security footage released to the public which allegedly shows Williams entering the main office of Christopher House and assaulting several employees who attempted to confront her. Numerous injuries were reported from the three employees involved, including a concussion and broken fingers.

Williams reportedly stole a purse before managing to flee in a maroon-colored SUV, according to police. It is unclear whether Williams had any previous connection to the nursing home, either as an employee or relative of a resident.

“It’s actually a felony to commit an assault and battery if the victim is over 60, which in this case I think at least two of the victims were,” Worcester Police Lt. Sean Murtha told Boston 25 News. "I think it's a shocking crime and it's people who don't ordinarily see this kind of thing, just workers in a nursing home, trying to go about their business and someone comes in and robs them something like this during the day, very brazen, so obviously it shocks people. We want to get it wrapped up as quickly as possible.”

“It is a shocking incident for people who don’t sign up for this kind of thing, or aren’t used to this kind of conflict.”

Williams, whom Worcester police indicate has an existing criminal record, was arraigned in Worcester District Court on Tuesday.

Image via Wikimedia Commons