Quincy, MA– A 49-year-old woman called the police on March 25 to report that she had been assaulted while jogging at Russell Park in Quincy, Massachusetts. According to the initial statement she gave the police, a black man in his 20s threw her on the ground while she was walking along the dirt path near the tennis courts. She said the man stole her jacket, sneakers, and money from her purse and then fled the scene, running towards Faxon Field.

Police officers showed up approximately 15 minutes after the alleged attack to take her statement. A few days later, the woman confessed she had provided a false statement. Yesterday it was confirmed that she will be charged with two counts of filing a false police report, according to CBS Boston. Her motive for providing a false statement to the police has not yet been determined.

After reviewing surveillance footage from the park near where the crime was alleged to have taken place, police decided to interview her again. The woman confessed during her second interview with the police department that she had made the entire story up. Police officials do not yet understand why. The Quincy Police Department announced Monday that she will be summoned to Quincy District Court on the two counts soon, and the judge will be the one to decide if any further legal action is required.

Additional information regarding the investigation is as follows:

After the woman had left the scene of the attack, she was taken directly to the Quincy Police Department. K9 units were escorted to Russell Park, where they found the woman’s sneakers and jacket in the woods a short ways away from where the police officers found her at the scene. No other evidence was left in Russell Park that day and there were no witnesses to the non-existent attack.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Emw