BOSTON – Boston Police are investigating an unidentified woman’s jump out of a moving Uber on Monday morning.

As confirmed by CBS Boston, the 29-year-old female was critically injured after she exited the moving vehicle in the O’Neill Tunnel during the morning commute.

After jumping out of the Uber she was struck by another vehicle. That driver, a 31-year-old Charlestown man, stopped and was later cleared to leave the scene due to the nature of the incident.

"Troopers have interviewed the drivers of the Mazda and the Jeep, and have processed and documented the Jeep," Massachusetts State Police shared.

According to the Uber driver, Luz Ayala, she gave the 29-year-old woman an unscheduled ride from Logan Airport after she knocked on the window of Ayala’s Uber looking for a way home to Mattapan.

Ayala said the woman appeared upset and very concerned about getting home.

Since the tragic incident, Boston Police have begun an investigation.

Both Uber and Lyft have suspended 27-year-old Ayala’s account as a driver while the investigation is ongoing. Uber has shared that they do not have any record of the ride in their system.

“I feel traumatized,” Ayala shared with WBZ while talking about the incident. “I’ve never gone through something like that. I’ve never been in trouble.”

Adding, “I was in shock. I didn’t understand what was going on. Then I saw her behind my car.”

Ayala also shared her sympathy for the woman who was brought to Tufts Medical Center following the incident. The woman was listed in critical condition.

“I have been there, desperate,” Ayala said. “In places where I don’t know what to do and nobody helps you.”