Woburn, MA - Two search warrants were conducted last Thursday, January 31, 2019, in the area of Wyman Street in Woburn, Massachusetts. The warrants were sent out on drug charges.

A couple from Woburn, MA. was found last week possessing many illegal and legal drugs after a search warrant was released. The husband and wife are facing many charges after officials caught them carrying large quantities of illegal and legal drugs.

Officials stated that they had found Fentanyl in Michael Nelson’s car and cocaine and ecstasy in Shirley Nelson’s home. Michael, age 51, and Shirley, age 44, were both taken into custody. Police officers first found Michael with large quantities of Fentanyl in his car. They then went to speak with Shirley in her home about the situation, to which they found many other narcotics and medications in the bedroom.

During the search warrants executed by the Woburn Police Department, officials sought fit to seize Michael Nelson’s car. Also, over $4,000 was taken, along with drug packaging materials.

There were regular medications found in the car/home of the Nelson’s. These typical medications are as follows:

-          Hydrochlorothiazide (blood pressure)

-          Prednisone (steroid)

-          Cefuroxime Axetil (antibiotic)

-          Lisinopril (cholesterol)

Marijuana was taken from the couple. Also, the following controlled medications were taken:

-          Lorazepam

-          Suboxone

-          Gabapentin

-          Acetaminophen – Plus

Narcotics were taken as follows:

-          Fentanyl

-          Amphetamine Dextroamphetamine

-           Oxycodone

-          Adderall

Illegal drugs were taken as follows:

-          Cocaine

-          Ecstasy

The couple was charged with various counts of possession with intent to distribute illegal drugs and narcotics. Other charges are to be determined.

Michael Nelson was to be arraigned Friday, February 1, 2019, in Woburn District Court. The proceedings have yet to be released. Information on future court dates regarding Michael and Shirley have yet to be released to the public yet, too.

According to officials, there was no refusal for arrest at the time of the search. Neither Michael nor Shirley were harmed during the arrest. All officials and police officers were not injured during the event, either. No further information is readily available.