Boston, MA– After a certain point, the story of the disappointing Boston Celtics is no longer that interesting. Sure, at first, when the Celtics were vastly underperforming when compared to pre-season expectations, it was fascinating to dive into the topics of why they were not excelling and what they needed to do to fix the problems. But now, they've basically established that this is just how it's going to be this year. The Celtics are not among the league's elite. They're a middle-of-the-road team right now and that's about it. They're not a lottery team and they're not a favorite to contend for the title. They're aggressively average with a proclivity towards losing, as opposed to winning.

In their last seven games, the Celtics are 1-6 with losses to some of the league's worst teams (Chicago Bulls) and the best as well (Milwaukee Bucks). But no matter the competition, there is one consistent element: the Celtics just aren't that good.

As a Boston team, there is an expectation for them to be great and to be fighting for the chance at a championship. But it is also a sports city that is coming off a World Series and a Super Bowl title, so unless you only care about basketball, Boston sports fans really have nothing to complain about. The Celtics will still make the post-season, of course. But they just might not be the dynasty we hoped they were.

It's hard to feign the outrage over the team with a city so successful that a five seed in the post-season (although, the Detroit Pistons are surging) is considered a disappointment. Now, we're holding Kyrie Irving accountable (he has become a problem in the clubhouse despite leading most Celtics' efforts, including 24 points in Boston's most recent 115-104 loss to the Houston Rockets) as well as Gordon Hayward (26 points in the past five games), and the same goes for Brad Stevens, as the defense continues to collapse.

Next up, the Celtics have a date with the league's Goliath, the Golden State Warriors, so it's hard to imagine a win in that scenario either. The Celtics are extremely talented so I would not be surprised to see them flip a switch in the playoffs, especially on the heels of Kyrie's immense league importance. But right now, the Celtics are average. It's not a mystery anymore; it's who they are.