Boston, MA– If you live in New England and left your home at any point yesterday, or looked outside, you may have noticed that the wind was extreme.

For some, this has been a mild discomfort, spurring a sprint to their car or the T, but for many around Massachusetts, it has been a serious hassle. According to the National Weather Service, at 4pm there were 63,000 customers without power in Massachusetts, due to power lines downed by high winds.

With reports of wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour, we've put together some instances in which wind has impacted New England residents.

Firstly, a traffic light fell on a woman in Chelsea today, sending her to the hospital.

According to the Boston Globe, towns including Ashland, Carver, Concord, Hanover, Holliston, Lexington, Medfield, Methuen, Milton, Newton, Reading, Sudbury, and Westford reported road closures.

Baltimore-Washington International airport is reporting many delays from cities across the Northeast, including Boston.

Many residents have taken to Twitter to share their experiences throughout the day. Someone reported seeing three people pushed to the ground by wind gusts at the Boston Common. Predictably, there have been many reports of trees falling down. Below, NBC10 Boston reports on a tree blocking a road early yesterday morning in Newton, MA.  

The National Weather service put a high wind warning into effect until 7pm EST. With that said, late last night and even into today, winds will still be around 20 miles per hour. Winds should calm down by Wednesday to around 10 miles per hour.

To stay safe on your commutes home, always check your local news for any transportation issues in severe weather. So far, we haven't heard of any issues on the T or the commuter rail, yet many residents complained of a difficult drive home with such high wind gusts.

Drive carefully, and make sure to keep yourself updated with any changes that may occur due to the wind.

(Photo via Flickr: Doris Burke for PSNH)