Foxborough, MA– In the history of the New England Patriots’ dynasty led by Bill Belichick, there have been a number of core tenets that have defined strategies for maintaining the longevity of their winning ways. For one, Belichick always emphasizes “do your job.” For another, he emphasizes that if players do not do their job, then they will be kicked out of Gillette Stadium so fast that they’ll wish they had spent more time exploring Patriot Place.

But this off-season has shed a new light on Belichick. Perhaps, it is more of a forgiving light. After six Super Bowl titles, is Belichick’s heart finally warming and threatening to burst the same x-ray machine that the Grinch did when his heart grew to the point where he had the strength of “ten Grinches plus two” on Christmas morning in Whoville? Or is Belichick just so powerful that his new way of flexing on the league is to bring back old flames that Patriots fans never thought they’d see in red, white, and blue again? Probably the latter.

After coaxing former Patriot Benjamin Watson out of retirement to help out at the tight end position, the Patriots have now pounced on another former player: Jamie Collins. After Collins was cut from his contract with the Cleveland Browns, the Patriots swooped in and reacquired the linebacker, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.  

You will likely remember that Collins was traded out of the blue back in 2016 when Belichick shipped him off to Cleveland in exchange for an extremely cheap pick. Rumors swirled that Collins was not pulling his weight on the team and saw himself as a star so Belichick wanted to nip that in the bud. We never got a true explanation from either side, but it certainly seemed like Belichick was not interested in whatever athleticism Collins could have provided.

But now, after winning two Super Bowls without the linebacker, the Patriots are adding him into the mix once again. Apparently, there’s no bad blood between Collins and Belichick, but with so many versatile options ahead of Collins on the depth chart, there may once again be a power struggle between the two forces. Not that it would be any competition in terms of who would win, but we will have to see if Collins’ stint in Cleveland has changed him at all.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Jeffrey Beall