BOSTON – A TV series about Boston’s most notorious gangster Whitey Bulger is reportedly set to be produced, per Variety.

The TV series will follow Whitey and his girlfriend Catherine Greig’s life on the run, how he managed to elude capture for almost 20 years and how he was finally brought to justice by the federal government.

Much of the upcoming TV series will reportedly draw from the book, “Hunting Whitey”, co-written by authors Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge,

Sherman and Wedge also wrote “Boston Strong: A City’s Triumph Over Tragedy”, a book based on the tragic events of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Double Nickel Entertainment and Fort Point Media are set to produce the series through Sky Studios.

“When we first read the ‘Hunting Whitey’ pages we were riveted and knew they would make a terrific series,” Double Nickel’s Jenette Kahn and Adam Richman shared in a joint statement.

“Dave and Casey have an exceptional talent for getting to the core of a story, and we’re thrilled to be partnered with them and Sky Studios.”

“Jenette and Adam are both incredible storytellers, and Sky Studios is one of the most important players in the global marketplace,” said Sherman and Wedge.

“We will reveal how the aging gangster and his girlfriend avoided capture, spotlight the agents who brought them down, showcase the sensational trial back in Boston, and disclose the bizarre series of events that led to Whitey Bulger’s murder.”

Whitey Bulger was found dead in his West Virginia prison cell at Hazelton penitentiary on October 30, 2018 at the age of 89. He was murdered by two other inmates. Bulger was sentenced to two life sentences back in 2013.

Bulger’s girlfriend Catherine Greig, now 68 years old, currently resides in Hingham, Massachusetts where she lives at the home of relatives, per