FOXBOROUGH - If you have watched some NFL games this season, then you have probably noticed the patches on the jerseys of teams that indicate the NFL is in its one-hundredth season. To celebrate the major milestone for one of the preeminent sports leagues in the country, the NFL and its official network have been counting down the players who are a part of the NFL's all-time roster. The one hundred greatest players to ever play the sport was included in the countdown.

On NFL Network, while the list was revealed, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick joined an expert panel to pick the all-time roster. As such, he was able to reveal stories about some of the players he has coached along the way. 

Regarding the time spent with quarterback Tom Brady (yes, Brady made the list), Belichick said, “It was great to talk about those and think back and reflect on some of the great moments that we’ve shared together and how much hard work and the other part of the experiences that went into those moments." After all, you cannot tell the story of NFL history without including Belichick and Brady in a major way.

Yes, of course, Brady was selected as one of the all-time great quarterbacks. It's a no-brainer. He will be officially announced during tomorrow's special of announcing quarterbacks, but he and Joe Montana have already been cleared for placement on the NFL 100. I doubt any other Patriots QBs will be announced.

As for the other Patriots who made the list, Belichick was named one of the ten great coaches, alongside such legends as Tom Landry, Don Shula, and Vince Lombardi, per USA Today. Randy Moss was named one of the best wide receivers in history. Regarding him, Belichick said he was among the smartest players he ever coached.

Only two kickers were named to the team, Jan Stenerud of the Kansas City Chiefs and Adam Vinatieri. Undoubtedly, Rob Gronkowski was also included at the all-time tight end position list. Offensive lineman John Hannah, linebacker Junior Seau, and cornerback Mike Haynes rounded out the Patriots inclusions on the list.

Was anyone snubbed? I feel like the only one who should possibly be recognized is Matthew Slater. But there isn't a spot on the all-time roster for special teamers. Aside from that, it's a solid batch!

Image via Wikimedia Commons