Boston, MA– These days, it seems like serious craft beer drinkers are all about the hoppy ales. IPAs, Double IPAs, and hazy IPAs with citrus notes are all in vogue and have been the reigning gods of craft beer for years. However, with summer around the corner and the prospect of day drinking within reach, I find myself drawn to crisp lagers instead of heavier pale ales.

The average ABV percentage is creeping upward, much to the dismay of beer enthusiasts who are also lightweights, like myself. I blame the hoppy ales. Sometimes I want to drink a 16 oz or two without getting majorly buzzed, which seems inevitable with the high ABV of most IPAs these days.

Seems like five years ago, shunning IPAs would have disqualified you as a beer connoisseur, but now with local craft breweries like Jack’s Abby in Framingham showing us what the classic lager can aspire to, there’s no reason beer lovers need to limit themselves to ale offerings.

So this week, in preparation for the summer months ahead, we are spotlighting the quiet perfection of the House Lager by Jack’s Abby for this week’s What’s on Tap featured beer here at Up To Boston.

Jack’s Abby House Lager is proof that classic doesn’t mean boring. (The unassuming name “House Lager” doesn’t really do it justice.) This clear golden lager is highly sippable at 5.2% ABV. Jack describes it as the perfect beer for anytime of year: “malty, sweet, light, refreshing, but at the same time, full-bodied.” The House Lager ingredients are sourced directly from Germany, the birthplace of the lager. It is lagered for five weeks, giving it a higher carbonation level for a glorious foam-topped pour.

Jack’s Abby has pretty good distribution throughout Massachusetts and New England (I even found some at a Hannaford in Biddeford, Maine), so you’ll most likely be able to find it at your local craft beer shop. Their brewery and pub is in Framingham, and Jack’s Abby Track Zero just opened in Boston's North Station, in the spot where the anonymous beer corral used to be.

Other spots where you can sample Jack’s Abby beers in Boston:

  • Jack’s Abby House Lager is sold at Fenway, so you can finally drink good beer while watching the game.
  • The Boston Harbor Hotel is featuring a pop-up beer garden with rotating local breweries this summer. Jack’s Abby will be there from June 20 - July 17.

Image courtesy of Jack's Abby