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What We Know About This Upcoming Weekend’s Forecast

What We Know About This Upcoming Weekend’s Forecast

Boston, MA - Boston and surrounding areas have been lucky (knock on wood) to say they have yet to experience any serious snow. So far, the weather seems to be working in our favor, minus the cold days. It will continue that way until Thursday. This weekend, however, may get us Bostonians to change our travel plans.

We are expected to see two storms appear on our radar this upcoming weekend. I’ll prepare you for what’s likely to come this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but don’t hold me to it. Check in on the daily with your local weather reports to stay on top of things before it potentially gets snowy.


Though hasn't been so intense as of now, we should still beware of the potential driving hazards that could arise. Predictions have the news stating that the storm will move south of New England shortly after it starts. As the storm heads south from us, it will be expected to have light precipitation for up to seven hours.

Keep in mind that the temperatures may get to below zero, and if this is the case, certain areas may be expected to get up to two inches of snow. The final snow count in inches will only be determined after the temperatures are confirmed. We’ll also have to take into account the time of day or night the storm turns to rain instead of snow.

As previously stated, keep yourself updated with your local news station.

We’re expected to get a break from storms late Friday and Saturday, before another storm is said to hit.

Saturday and Sunday

This weekend is said to bring forth a larger storm that may last longer. According to weather forecasters, Saturday night into Sunday morning is said to get messy. There are still too many unanswered questions regarding precipitation type, duration, and amounts.

There’s a chance that many travel plans will be disrupted, but there’s also a chance that Boston and surrounding areas may not get as big of a storm as expected. If the storm moves west of Boston, we’ll be expected to get more rain than anything.