Boston, MA– As every NBA season winds to a close, there is always one fun, chaotic tradition that throws the entirety of most NBA fanbases into chaos: the NBA Draft Lottery. This year, NBA commissioner Adam Silver made a point of adjusting the likelihood of those chance-making ping pong balls so as to dissuade teams from tanking to acquire better odds at a higher draft pick.

If his goal was to end the tanking era altogether, then he might have just achieved that, because the New Orleans Pelicans ended up with the number one overall pick. Now, the team that was rumored to come up with some sort of Anthony Davis-based trade to procure the number one slot has the pick and Davis. The Pelicans hold all the cards in the dream of landing Zion Williamson. But what does it mean for the Boston Celtics?

The Celtics definitely had skin in the game heading into the Lottery festivities as they had the chance to attain a pretty high pick in the Lottery, thanks to deals made with the Sacramento Kings and the Memphis Grizzlies. It was pretty unlikely to begin with, but ultimately the odds were too slim for the Celtics to climb too high in the draft. Instead, they slotted in right at the number 14 position in the Lottery and they will also have draft picks in the twentieth, twenty-second, and fifty-first positions.

It was not the ideal scenario, but the Celtics should definitely be happy as they will have plenty of chances to draft good talent. Currently, most mock drafts see Boston targeting Gonzaga power forward Brandon Clarke, but the real intrigue for Boston comes from the trades they can potentially make.

Danny Ainge has spoken openly about trading for Davis to keep Kyrie Irving in Boston and build an even more impressive super team. Obviously, we do not know what New Orleans wants to do, but if they do not want to smush Davis and Williamson together in the lineup, then they might be looking for a young core to surround Zion with, which the Celtics can obviously provide in spades. For better or for worse, the Celtics are still in on the Davis sweepstakes and the ping pong balls definitely helped their case.