Boston, MA– In the history of mysteries in the United States, UFOs and aliens have been at the heart of numerous conspiracy theories regarding supposed covert government response plans in case an alien species makes contact with the world. States like New Mexico, North Dakota, and Nevada are ground zero for UFO sightings. But with the impending release of Avengers: Endgame, which stars Josh Brolin as a thick purple alien with glowing purple and blue stones, aliens are now a hot topic all over the world, even here in the quiet skies of Massachusetts.

Recently, residents of Braintree may have believed themselves on the receiving end of an extraterrestrial communication in the form of colorful night lights: purple and blue hues were spotted in the sky, as shown in the image below.

What is this !? from boston

In a question posed on Reddit by user, u/ryanonaboat, who says they live in Braintree, they asked the community for help identifying this particular glow in the cloudy night sky. It's a perfectly reasonable thing to ask, especially when there's no apparent evidence that it's not a malevolent race of aliens coming to destroy us all. u/ryanonaboat could reasonably assume that extraterrestrial life was descending in the sky above their home.

Many people chimed in with the shared experience that they have also witnessed this glow, but not regularly, and only a couple times. The fact that it did not appear nightly added fuel to the fire of concern, especially considering that a few instances here and there would point to the potential that something more unnerving is going on here.

Fortunately, u/6000sux chimed in with the answer to this inquiry by pointing attention towards a thread initiated by u/queenofstickers in March that asked about the same glow in a view from Quincy. The answer was eventually determined to be that the lights emanated from the new Fore River Bridge. This bridge turns lights on when the sky is overcast. It's certainly a reasonable answer to the problem, but does anyone else feel slightly disappointed that it's not aliens?