Boston MFA Bans Two Visitors for Racist Comments Toward Black Middle Schoolers
Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts has banned two visitors after confirming through security camera footage and in interviews that they made racist remarks to young black students visiting the museum. One of the banned persons referred to the seventh graders as “[expletive] black kids” and another told a girl who was dancing in an exhibit that featured music that she should be learning and not stripping. [WBUR]

Measles Case Confirmed; Possible Exposure at Locations in Quincy and Weymouth
A Massachusetts child was diagnosed with measles on Thursday last week, the second measles case in the state this year. Public health officials released a list of the places the child visited while contagious. Those with concerns about potential exposure are advised to call their doctor’s office. [WBUR]

In Affordability Rankings of Global Cities, Boston Has Best Quality of Life in the U.S.
Deutsche Bank released a report on the affordability of global prices and living standards. Boston ranked ahead of San Francisco for best quality of life, which appears to be associated with average income ($4288 monthly) compared to average cost of living ($2201). []

Federal Investigation Into Alleged Abuses of Older and Sick Prisoners in Massachusetts
The U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts, Andrew Lelling, is looking into the state’s use of solitary confinement and treatment of the elderly and patients with life-threatening conditions. The Department of Corrections has said they are meeting state and federal standards and will continue to cooperate with the investigation. [WBUR]

Statehouse Hearings This Week Will Consider Legalization of Sports Betting
Several bills aiming to regulate sports gambling are under consideration at the Massachusetts Statehouse this week. Last year the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a federal law that had prohibited sports betting, and states expect it would add millions of dollars to state revenues. []

Have You Met Marty Yet? Stop and Shop Deploys 500 Mess-Detecting Robots
I saw Marty last weekend at the Stop and Shop in Westborough. Our eyes locked. He is bottom-heavy, and quite tall, with big googly eyes. “Marty” is a robot wandering the grocery store looking for spills and sounding the alarm for human employees to come help when he finds something on the floor that shouldn’t be there. The future is now. [Boston Globe]

Barnstable High Elects Transgender Prom King
Nick Bulman won the title of Prom King at his senior prom, something he says he could not imagine four years ago. He hopes to inspire others in the LGBTQ community with his story. [CBS Boston]