State Could Ban Use of Facial Recognition Technology By Police
Recently, Salem Police used biometric surveillance systems (aka, facial recognition technology) to identify a suspect who had been living under a false identity for 15 years. Now, lawmakers in the statehouse and officials in the city of Somerville have issued proposals to make the use of this technology illegal. [Patch]

Bruins Triumph in Game Two Against Carolina Hurricanes
The Bruins’ offense was on fire yesterday, with a 6-2 win in Game Two of the Eastern Conference Finals. GO BRUINS! [CBS Sports]

Happy Mother’s Day: Pew Research Study on Moms in the U.S.
According to the study, about 1 in 4 mothers are single moms. The study also shows that more women are waiting longer to have kids, but are also more likely to be mothers by the age of 40 than they were a decade ago. [Pew]

Harvard Law Professor Representing Harvey Weinstein Is Removed From Dean Post
Harvard Professor Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. has faced a backlash on campus after his decision to represent movie producer Harvey Weinstein in a sexual assault case. Sullivan has now been removed as Dean of Winthrop House. He has defended his decision to represent Weinstein, arguing that our justice system must offer the same representation to those seen as "guilty, unpopular, vile or undesirable." [CNN]

Potential Delay to the Opening of Encore Boston Harbor?
CEO Matthew Maddox of Wynn Resorts said last week that the opening of the Everett casino needed to be flawless, suggesting that the opening could be a week or two later than the projected date of June 23 if everything is not shipshape. [CurbedBoston]

The “Wow!” Kid Has Been Found
The child who was so captivated by a Mozart piece performed by Boston’s Handel and Haydn Society that he exclaimed “Wow!” in the silence following the piece, has now been found. The society, charmed by his reaction, was searching for him so that they could offer him a chance to meet the conductor and give him a cd of the performance. [WGBH]

Drunk Driver Hits Three People in South End Crosswalk; Leaves the Scene
Police arrested Roxbury resident Michael Watkins, 64, who reportedly honked at the three pedestrians before punching the gas to hit them. All three were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. [Patch]