The Strike Is Over: Stop and Shop Union Workers Have Reached a Deal
Stop and Shop officials reported on Sunday that they have reached a deal with the grocery store workers’ labor union. The workers were on strike from April 11-21. The deal includes a number of the union’s demands such as pay raises, continued health coverage (for those eligible), and ongoing pension benefits (for those eligible). [Patch]

Charlie Baker Is Our Great Leader
Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker made Fortune’s list of the World’s Greatest Leaders, at an impressive #20 worldwide. Baker gets consistently high ratings even as a Republican governor in a liberal state. [CBS Boston]

Get Your Very Own Copy of the Mueller Report
Harvard Book Store in Cambridge is selling paperback copies of the 400-plus page report for $18.95. Sure to be on the Bestseller list this year. [CBS Boston]

Senator Warren Calls for Trump’s Impeachment
Firebrand Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is the first to officially say that she believes the Mueller Report contains enough damning evidence to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Democrats are split on the issue, however; some say it would distract from the 2020 election and offer no real benefit for voters. [WBUR]

Rep. Seth Moulton Announces 2020 Presidential Campaign
Seth Moulton has joined the crowded field of Democrats vying for the 2020 presidential nomination. He is the 19th Democrat to announce a run. [CNN]

Chinese Runners Cheated to Qualify for the Boston Marathon
State media in China has announced that two Chinese runners are banned for life from competing in professional marathons for falsifying their qualifying times. The runners finished the race in double the time that their qualifying finishing time submissions. [SupChina]

Woman Extracted From Beneath MBTA Train at South Station
She was rescued by emergency responders from the Boston Fire Department on Saturday. Her injuries were reported to be non-life-threatening. [CBS Boston]

Church Vandal Arrested; May Suffer From Mental Illness
Police arrested 53-year-old Deborah Gideon of Hyde Park for defacing local churches. She is accused of throwing a red substance on statues and gravestones in church cemeteries. When questioned, she said she was “casting prayers on buildings” and “anointing persons with the blood of Jesus.” Gideon pleaded not guilty to vandalism and will undergo a 20-day mental health evaluation. [Boston 25 News]

Mosquito Prevention This Week by Boston Public Health Commission
To prevent outbreaks of moquito-borne illnesses, BPHC may be spraying wetland areas of Hyde Park and West Roxbury this week. Helicopters will be used for the application, but residents do not need to take any special precautions if they spot the helicopters. [BPHC]

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Edgar El