Uber and Lyft Drivers On Strike Today
If you usually rely on rideshares, you’ll want to make alternate arrangements for transportation today as Boston’s Uber and Lyft drivers are participating in a national strike all day over wages. There will be a protest outside the Uber office in Saugus. Uber plans to begin trading as a public company tomorrow. [CBS Boston]

Encore Boston Harbor Casino Wants to Build a Footbridge Connecting Everett and Somerville
Last week, the almost-completed casino filed for permission to build a pedestrian and bike bridge across the lower Mystic River to connect Everett to Somerville. This would also allow casino guests easy access to the Orange Line at Assembly Row. [Charlestown Patriot-Bridge]

All Planet Fitness Gyms Will Be Free to Teens This Summer
For teenagers ages 15 to 18, all Planet Fitness gyms (including 69 in Massachusetts) are offering free membership from May 15 to September 1. Teenagers under 18 need a parent present in order to sign up for the program. [Patch]

Debate Over Instituting Resident Parking Fees Continues
Mayor Marty Walsh has said that he is against charging a fee for resident parking stickers in Boston. City Council President Michelle Wu wants to charge $25 annually. WBUR has published an analysis showing that those without cars in Boston tend to be lower income and non-white. Some say that the fee would help to ease congestion and is also fair, considering that everyone pays taxes to keep the streets up for Boston drivers. [WBUR]

During Anti-Corruption Investigation, Boston Police Captain Is On Paid Leave
Capt. Haseeb Hosein has been commander of the Area B-3 district in Dorchester and Mattapan since 2014. He is on paid leave as of Monday while the Boston Police Department conducts an investigation into corruption allegations. [Dorchester Reporter]

New State Bill Would Automatically Expunge Records of Past Marijuana Crimes
People previously convicted of marijuana possession in Massachusetts can have their records wiped clear, now that the recreational drug has been legalized. But it’s a complicated process to have your records expunged; you have to file a court petition, and only 12 people have done it so far. State Representative Chynah Tyler has proposed a bill that would have the state automatically erase records for past marijuana possession cases. [Boston Globe]

Handel and Haydn Society Searches for the “Wow” Child
At a concert last weekend, the Handel and Haydn Society performed Mozart’s Masonic Funeral Music, which apparently was so moving that at the end of the piece, a young child can be heard on the recording exclaiming “Wow!” (Recording available at link.) The music society is asking if anyone knows the identity of this child so that they can send him a cd and invite him to meet Conductor Harry Christophers. Aw. [WCRB]

Canada Goose Shot With Arrow Makes Full Recovery
This is not actually news, but it makes us happy anyway. A goose with an arrow sticking out of its chest was spotted around Fall River earlier this spring. He was captured by wildlife rescuers in early April and underwent surgery to have the arrow removed. “Pierce” made a full recovery and was released back into the wild yesterday. Aw. [WJAR]

Boston Police Officer Whose Service Weapon Was Stolen In RI Has Been Fired
Officer Emanuel Brandao was off-duty and partying in Rhode Island with some questionable characters when his service weapon was stolen from him by two women in February. He was terminated by the BPD at the end of March. Following the incident, the women were facing felony charges for stealing a firearm. [Boston.com]