Over 200 Massachusetts Boy Scout Leaders Accused of Child Sexual Abuse
Lawyers have accused thousands of Boy Scout leaders nationwide in a release of the so-called “Perversion Files.” The Boy Scouts of America allegedly kept track of the men and women who were kicked out of the organization from 1947 to 2005 due to suspected sex abuse (in a list of “Ineligible Volunteers”), but did not report the crimes to authorities in many cases. Law firm Jeff Anderson and Associates plans to bring charges. [Patch]

Massachusetts Could Ban Pet Shops From Selling Dogs From Puppy Mills
A proposed bill aims to eliminate puppy mills in the state by requiring pet stores to only sell animals that come from shelters and rescue organizations. At commercial “puppy mills,” dogs are kept in close quarters to breed until they are no longer able. [WCVB]

A Judge Concurs With Kraft’s Lawyers to Delay Video Release
Kraft’s lawyers argued that releasing the video now would deny the Patriots owner a fair trial. Florida Judge Leonard Hanser agreed, saying that the video may only be released after a jury is sworn in, when the case is resolved in a plea agreement, when Florida prosecutors drop the charges, or when the judge decides that fair trial rights are no longer at stake. Meaning it will be released eventually, no matter the outcome of the trial. [WCVB]

3D Crosswalks At Medford Schools
This week Massachusetts painted its first 3D crosswalks, at Brooks Elementary School in Medford. The optical illusions make it appear to drivers as if there are concrete blocks in the street, with the goal of slowing cars down more than they might for a regular crosswalk. [Curbed Boston]

Plastic Bags Just Banned Springfield, While Tewksbury is Second-Guessing Its Ban
Springfield passed a plastic bag ban this week, bringing the total to 98 municipalities in Massachusetts that have placed some kind of ban on plastic bags. A bill for a statewide ban on plastic bags was heard by the legislature on April 2 this month. However, Tewksbury is thinking about undoing the city’s ban after just three weeks, citing difficulties for seniors. [NEPR]

Hundreds Displaced By Condo Fire in Chestnut Hill
On Monday April 22, an apartment on the eighth floor of the luxury condo complex Towers of Chestnut Hill in Newton caught fire. Residents on floors 1-8 are displaced, but all were able to find lodging elsewhere so far, reports the Red Cross, who is helping to coordinate any financial or housing assistance that residents may need. [Patch]