Several Boston Police Officers Charged With Overtime Fraud.

Current and retired officers have been charged after submitting false overtime hours totaling close to $200k.  [WCVB]

Federal Appeals Court Overturns Order Blocking ICE From Making Arrests At Courthouses.

Because the order was overturned, ICE may now search courts for undocumented immigrants. [Boston Globe]

Update: Latest Coronavirus Cases In Massachusetts.

As of Wednesday, health officials reported 288 new coronavirus cases with 22 new deaths. [CBS Boston]

Eight Communities Within The State Deemed 'High Risk'.

The eight communities were added to the new color-coded map being used by officials to share high-risk areas. [Patch]

Election Results For Massachusetts State Primary 2020.

Here are the election results for the state following a success Primary. [Masslive]

Sen. Ed Markey Beats Out Rep. Joe Kennedy III In Primary Race. 

Kennedy conceded the race Markey, giving an emotional speech. [WCVB]

Neiman Marcus Announces Natick Mall Location To Close In 2021.

The upcoming closure comes after the company filed for bankruptcy. [CBS Boston]

Parent Group Pushes For In-Person Schooling.

The Massachusetts Parent Group believes it is safe for students to return to school amid the pandemic. [Boston Herald]

Eight Men Charged With Sexual Assault On Unconscious Teen.

The men have been charged with assaulting the underage Providence teen and recording it back in December. [Boston Globe]

State Trooper Dragged Following Traffic Stop.

The driver is now in custody after running from a traffic stop in Canton. [WCVB]

Image via Wikimedia Commons