Feds Bust North Shore Drug Trafficking Ring.

The North End ring was distributing counterfeit pills that contained fentanyl. [WCVB]

Boston Breaks Record Heat Temperatures.

This is the first time Boston has reached 100 degrees since 2011. [Boston.com]

Update: Latest Coronavirus Cases In Massachusetts.

On Wednesday, health officials confirmed 93 new COVID cases and 1 additional death. [NBC Boston]

How To Stay Safe This Holiday Season.

A guide to protecting yourself and your pets this July 4th weekend. [Patch]

Officials Warn Of Venomous Portuguese Man O’ War.

The dangerous species have been spotted in the waters of Westport beach. [Boston.com]

Firework Shows In Massachusetts This Holiday Season.

Here is a list of cities and towns with firework shows this coming weekend. [NBC Boston]

Young Boy Dies After Judo Class.

The 7-year-old died after being slammed multiple times during class. [WHDH]

Image via Wikimedia Commons