Boston, MA– “Perhaps tomorrow, the rains will come again,” my Papa would tell me, patting me on the head and sending me off to bed with a bowl of dried peas. I went to sleep to the sound of tumbleweeds pummeling the house. It has been a month, but the thought still makes my lips crack.

I'm sure that all happened, somewhere in an alternate reality. But with our collective memory, we can all confirm that Boston’s April was actually among the wettest and rainiest in the history of the city, as rain dominated more of the month than it had ever done before. In fact there were so many April showers, that we are still struggling to find the May flowers they were supposed to bring! Nothing like the Mayflower that came over to Plymouth, of course, no sir. We’re talking about the fact that, this year, April showers brought May showers. So the last thing we needed in Boston was an even bigger excess dumping of water. There’s no drought! Everything is plenty watered! No one needs to bring any more liquid to the city.

And yet, here we are. When a water main burst on State Street recently, the glorious flooding footage was captured by Reddit user u/window_licking_sob.

Water main busted on State Street from r/boston

Apparently, this is known to happen on State Street on a semi-regular basis, and there are actually procedures in place to help clean up the excess water whenever the street floods from the busted water main.

Surrounding businesses even seem to have a protocol in place for keeping operations running, as another user, u/taco_whisperer, commented that Al’s began taking food orders from the back by the dumpster. American ingenuity at its finest.

It's nothing like what they're getting in the suburbs of Chicago, but we take our calamity where we can get it.