BOSTON - To promote his new car racing movie, Ford v. Ferrari, Matt Damon has been fully embroiled in the press tour. Just last week, he told a humorous story on Conan of how Ben Affleck saved him from a fight in Cambridge when they were kids.

This week, he appeared on Ellen to attempt to drive a golf cart through an obstacle course, as shared by E!Online. The catch? He was wearing a sumo suit the entire time. If he was able to finish the course in under a minute, host Ellen DeGeneres vowed to donate fifty thousand dollars to Damon’s own non-profit organization. It would not be so simple, though, despite DeGeneres’ assurances to Damon that it was not as hard as it looked. How did he fare with the task? Let’s just say that it is probably a good thing that Christian Bale is actually playing the race car driver in the new movie and Damon is simply playing his manager.

You can watch the full video in all of its hilarity here, thanks to video access provided by the official website for Ellen content. Things really do not go well for the star of The Martian.

He certainly does not seem to be someone who has a ton of experience with driving a golf cart while wearing a sumo suit, but then again, who among us does? Fortunately, the event was all in good fun, as even though Matt Damon’s attempt to finish the obstacle course in under sixty minutes backfired, Ellen DeGeneres and her partners at Shutterfly decided to donate fifty thousand dollars to anyway. is a non-profit organization started by Damon to help provide the world with easier access to clean water.

I don’t know about you, but I always love when a Boston celebrity makes the rounds on a press tour for the movie. I especially love when it is Damon. Not only is he my favorite, but he always seems to be doing interesting things, instead of talking only about Boston or about his new movie. He’s having a lot of fun.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons