MARSHFIELD - The week of Halloween was filled with scary things, but perhaps none of the ghosts and goblins were as visceral and as emotionally-charged as a recent viral video depicting a "road rage standoff".

This past Wednesday on Lynn Street in Marshfield, a car pulled up in front of a trash truck that was aiming to leave the dead end street, but could not due to the car that was in the way. In response to this, Lenore Cochrane and her daughter, who live on the street, immediately filmed the incident and it was quickly shared around the Internet.

According to the driver of the trash truck and the company he represents, the car that was impeding the path was comprised of teamsters who were aiming to stop the trash truck's progress altogether.

The company, Republic Services, has seen many of its drivers on strike since the end of August and has since worked with their organization, Teamsters Local 25, to come up with a new work contract.

In the meantime, workers from other states were hired to be the fill-in crew for the trash organization and it seems like this raised the ire of some teamsters.

The video can be seen as shared below, thanks to the upload to YouTube from the WCVB channel five news station in the region.

As you can see in the video, it looks as if the trash truck is about to smash into the car headfirst, until the opposing vehicle eventually relents and backs up slowly, before continuously reversing and pulling away from the trash truck entirely.

When you are driving on the road (and especially when you are driving in Massachusetts), there is no doubt that tensions can run high. But to instigate a risk like this is just foolish and it is definitely good fortune that no one seems to have been hurt from the incident.

Hopefully, all the problems between the two can be solved quickly to avoid this potentially happening again.

Image via Wikimedia Commons