CAPE COD - The summer was a record-setting one for the number of reported shark sightings that took over Massachusetts. Many were quick to dismiss the frequent occurrences due to the fact that sharks will always be found in the ocean. But rest assured that 2019’s summer in New England proved to be an anomaly for the number of sharks that is typically seen in the Atlantic Ocean.

However, this crazy uptick in shark sightings did not stop in the summer. While reports have obviously dwindled over the past couple of months, a new video shows a shark off the coast of Cape Cod getting closer to a person than any other shark was able to do this summer as shared by Newsweek.

Greg Skomal, a researcher for the Massachusetts Shark Research program, was conducting an adventure out to sea off the coast of Cape Cod. His goal, as a scientist and marine animal enthusiast, was to use an underwater camera to get a better look off the Nauset Beach-based shark. The shark was nine feet long and female and instead of playing nice and mugging for the camera, she decided to breach, just inches below Greg and his boat.

It was definitely a scary moment to watch and to experience, but I am sure Skomal also found it to be very cool. The shark ended up being tagged by researchers for study and was one of the fifty tagged by teams during 2019, as reported by This, too, ended up being a shark-based record.

The video with the close encounter of the unpreferred kind was uploaded by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, who warned of staying vigilant of sharks. The instance took place on Veterans Day last week, November 11. But you can watch the event in its entirety right below here.

That is pretty insane! I couldn’t imagine being one of the people on that vessel. I’d probably be terrified. Even though I know sharks are not the monsters that Jaws made them out to be, there would still be an internalized sense of fear regarding them.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons