BOSTON – Of all the candidates who are currently running for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 election, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren still remains among the most popular. At a LGBTQ+ forum in Los Angeles last week, she had what may be her most viral moment to date.

At one point in the forum, a gay rights activist asked Warren a question about what she would say to a voter who believes, because of their religion, that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. Warren delivered a knockout response that had three levels of humor to it. I don’t want to spoil the greatness of the joke either.

You can watch the video of the response here on Senator Warren’s Twitter feed, but it has also gone viral and can be viewed from a number of different accounts on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other popular social media sites.

Not only is the joke delivered humorously and capably, but I also enjoy the comedic timing of the turn away from her spot on the stage once she delivers the third and final part of the response. It is an excellent way to mock someone who would ever even think of asking such a question at this time.

The video continues to climb the ladder to achieve millions and millions of views and has been shared by people like Patton Oswalt (Ratatouille) and Minnie Driver (Good Will Hunting). It was satirized on Saturday Night Live.

Additionally, it was not surprising to learn that Warren received blowback from this response, but it was a bit shocking to learn that some of the people pushing back on her reply are members of the DNC. They claim that Warren is alienating a large portion of voters by replying to the question in the manner that she did.

I have to disagree with that claim. On the one hand, the portion of voters who are still against gay marriage is definitely dwindling by the day. They are an extreme minority. Granted, they are still there, but it is still a minority through and through. On the other hand, I loved that this was an actual human moment from a candidate. It was not polished and politically-correct, but it was real. Say what you will about Senator Warren, but at least she wasn’t stiff. I like seeing candidates act like themselves from time to time.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Gage Skidmore