Boston, MA - If the Arrowhead Stadium fans weren’t enough to deal with during the AFC championship game for Tom Brady, the laser which was allegedly pointed at his face certainly was.

Turner Twyman, a photographer for KMBC located in Kansas City, caught someone from the crowd pointing a laser at Tom Brady’s face two times throughout the game; the photographer caught proof of it on camera. A reporter from KMBC, William Joy, posted the pictures on Twitter for everyone to see.

The first laser pointed happened in the fourth quarter, when New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady was handing the ball off to Sony Michel. Prior to this play, a punt was muffled by the Patriot’s receiver, Julian Edelman. Later, this was overturned.

The play after this resulted in an interception, when Brady threw the ball to Edelman, and it skidded off his hands.

The second laser pointed happened when Brady was passing the ball to Chris Hogan later in the fourth quarter. This turned into a 25-yard completion to Rob Gronkowski.

A mini investigation sparked from the photos that were taken Sunday night and Dr. Charles Cobb, laser researcher over at the University of Missouri, was brought in to answer some questions. Cobb stated that by the picture analysis and the size of the dot, it seemed that the person responsible for the laser pointing had to have been sitting far back in the end zone. It’s quite possible that this person was even sitting in the corner of the far back in the end zone.

If the laser pointer made it directly to Tom Brady’s eye, it would be quite possible for Brady to see spots and not his receivers during the plays. According to Cobb, there have been similar issues where people have pointed lasers to blind pilots in cockpits. This investigation has been headed by the Federal Aviation Administration. He went on to say that if the laser does hit the right spot in the eye, it has the potential to damage the retina.

KMBC proceeded to contact the Patriots along with other departments. All were unaware that this happened during the game. Representatives from the NFL league office will start to look into the matter now.