WAREHAM — A Wareham man is facing multiple charges, including assault and battery, disorderly conduct and attempted larceny, after allegedly pulling a false fire alarm and attempting to abduct a van full of children.

Firefighters and EMTs were called to the Union Pond Apartment complex on Gatehouse Drive in Wareham shortly after 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. Wareham police say after being asked by fire officials to wait for an evaluation, 35-year-old Theodore Lopes Jr.of West Wareham, who allegedly pulled the alarm, attempted to flee the scene.

Police allege that Lopes attempted to enter the passenger side of a nearby running van that was parked and occupied by resident children attempting to stay warm during the evacuation.

Despite being attacked by the children’s parents after entry, Lopes managed to get into the driver’s seat until first responders and firefighters were able to restrain him.

Lopes, who admitted to pulling the alarm, reportedly struggled violently with police during his arrest, resulting in minor injuries to police and paramedics, and was subsequently tased and placed in leg cuffs.

It was later determined that Lopes entered an apartment in the complex after its occupants evacuated the building.

Lopes was arraigned in Wareham District Court on $2,500 bail Monday morning with charges including assault and battery, attempted larceny, breaking and entering, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, false fire alarm, interfering with a fire report and resisting arrest.

Defense attorney Rob Galibois reportedly referred to Lopes’ alleged behavior as a “complete aberration” during the arraignment, claiming his client was drugged prior to the incident according to WBZ. After posting bail, Lopes said he was “sorry for everything.”

Lopes is scheduled to appear next in court on November 27.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons