SWAN'S ISLAND, MAINE - The summer of 2020 is primed to be an unconventional one. Who knows what kind of season we will have here in New England and all across the globe, as well? Much remains uncertain at the moment, but for the time being, if you have ever had the dream of owning your own inn, then there is a way for you to do that, right in your own backyard!

Harbor Watch Inn, a cozy little charmer of an inn, is located on Swan's Island off the coast of Bar Harbor in Maine. Currently, the inn is owned by Jennifer Helman and Dale Joyce, a couple who moved to Maine from North Carolina and immediately found themselves enthralled by the quaint community that had been established in the coastal village. To pay forward the love they had for the people they met, they decided to make the inn much more accessible to residents who might have always had visions of inn owning dance in their heads.

However, the method they devised to determine the next owner of the Harbor Watch Inn is much more unconventional, as shared by House Beautiful. Typically, inn owners would just list the property and sell it to the highest bidder. Helman and Joyce have decided to hold an essay contest instead. Whoever writes the best essay earns the property and becomes the new innkeepers of one of the quaintest spots in Maine.

Of course, there is an entry fee, as well, of $99. That's still peanuts compared to how much the inn could drive up on the open market. Besides, a $99 entry fee helps weed out some of the participants who might not have taken the essay contest seriously. $25,000 in operating expenses are also required, but anyone who wants to own an inn would surely be aware of the idea that it costs quite a bit to operate such a property.

The word count for the essay is 350 and there will be multiple choice questions attached to it, as well. (Therefore, it's no surprise that the judges for the contest are retired teachers.) If you want to have a shot, the deadline is fast approaching on March 31!

Image via Wikimedia Commons