BOSTON – As the Wahlburgers brand, a quick service chain restaurant founded by the Wahlberg family, continues to expand across the nation, there is still plenty to be excited about in the area where the company first originated. Just because the company is spreading its wings, that does not mean that they have forgotten about the people who ate at Wahlburgers back when it all started. And by "they," of course I mean Mark Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg, and the rest of their brothers.

Easily some of the most popular Bostonian celebrities, they were able to parlay their clout into a burger chain restaurant. And even though Mark left Super Bowl LI early, I still give him credit for whipping up pretty decent burgers.

Back in 2011, Wahlburgers was founded with the first location found at The Hingham Shipyard in Hingham. Since then, Wahlburgers has expanded to be found in many different regions, including the United Kingdom and one Texas location that just opened this week.

Today, October 30, 2019, marks the eighth year anniversary, on the dot, of when Wahlburgers first opened. Naturally, the people behind the chain decided to celebrate this very special anniversary with a deal that will not likely be paralleled by places like McDonald's and Burger King, even though they would arguably have better funds to do so.

Specifically at the Hingham location of Wahlburgers today, burgers are only going to cost you eight cents. That's right! One penny for every year they've been open is all it will cost to chow down on a pretty good burger today. Of course, there are some stipulations, however.

For one, the only burger you can get is the restaurant's signature "Our Burger," which comes as a standard cheeseburger offering, including the signature sauce of the Wahlburgers brand. Additionally, you have to use the WahlClub app for your purchase to actually procure an eight cent burger. Fortunately, it's easy and free to sign up.

Will any of you folks close to Hingham be venturing out today? Let us know how it goes!

Image via Flickr / Bill Rice