SOMERVILLE - Recently, the MBTA was in the news again when they tried to finally introduce some positive news instead of the unending barrage of negative news that accompanies Boston’s disastrous public transportation system.

In a year of delays, derailments, closures, and renovations, the MBTA wanted to get at least one positive tidbit about the train system out there. This came in a preview that MBTA officials hosted to show off the new red train cars that are slated to join the public transport fleet in Boston when the spring comes around, as shared by Masslive.

It was a valiant attempt to change the negative narrative around the MBTA, but it failed, of course. Because the improper things that the MBTA does are always bound to make the news again and a viral image from one Reddit user showed that the MBTA still has a long way to go to be considered a good thing in the minds of Bostonians.

Reddit user u/kibitzor shared an image of one of the doors at the Davis Square station on the MBTA line. As passengers exit the station, they are meant to use the doors that line the exit passageways of the station, as a whole. However, for whatever reason, the MBTA decided to screw one of the Davis doors closed. With just one, slightly inconspicuous bar keeping the door shut, many MBTA passengers failed to notice it and were walking at full force into the door, according to the poster.

For Davis Square Station, this is not the first time that workers and officials here have made the doors more inaccessible to pedestrians. They also experimented with chaining the doors shut in years prior. The screwing of the door shut is yet another inane decision, that many have reported as being a fire hazard that should be rightfully brought to the attention of public safety workers.

All in all, this image became one of the most popular on Boston’s subreddit over the weekend and it makes for yet another blemish on the poor track record of the MBTA.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons