BOSTON – When you are driving down the Southeast Expressway in Boston, you expect to see the Rainbow Swash gas tank, one of Boston's top landmarks that is as iconic to the city as the Citgo sign outside of Fenway Park. However, when you are on the Southeast Expressway, you do not expect to see someone on a motorbike, narrowly dodging other vehicles, as she navigates the expressway in a lane that is really not meant for her.

2019 has been a breaking point for many Massachusetts travelers and commuters and it has resulted in a complete overhaul for the MBTA system and an expansion of bike lanes that aimed to help curb some traffic concerns. These bike lanes have become a point of controversy as many have unfairly utilized these lanes and paid the penalty for them, while others have noticed the lanes go entirely absent.

Regardless, we can all agree that the use of a bike lane would be absurd on a highway. Or maybe, we can all agree except for the one woman who is featured in the video below.

Here come the bike lane demands on I-93 from boston

The video was shared on Boston's own subreddit by Reddit user u/lunisce and it immediately took off, going viral on Reddit, as well as Twitter and multiple media outlets. Perhaps a video like this would not have gone viral during the times when bike lanes were not such a major point of contention among Massachusetts residents. However, it has been a hot button issue, so the video is one that is ripe for ridicule.

Jokingly, the original Reddit post says that bike lane demands are now going to come to I-93, but I'm torn on whether or not that would be a good idea. On the one hand, people like this woman are clearly a danger to themselves and others so maybe it would be easier to give them some kind of lane to prevent accidents. On the other hand, maybe we should just crack down on this activity and show that idiocy doesn't (or, at least, shouldn't) win.