YARMOUTH - A summer of bizarre, unruly, and unpredictable weather has taken Massachusetts by - pardon the pun - storm. There's been flooding, a record-shattering heat wave, and the hits kept coming for the towns of Yarmouth and Harwich in Cape Cod. The best vacation spot in all of Massachusetts faced down tornadoes this week, leaving Harwich in a state of emergency.

Tornadoes are obviously extremely rare in Massachusetts, but per the National Weather Service, two of them ripped through the shores of Cape Cod at speeds reaching 110 miles per hour. Traffic was left in disarray and almost 50,000 people were left without power, but despite the minor calamities throughout the communities, no injuries were reported. Even, amazingly, after this happened:

The video comes from Terry-Ann Simpson, who was staying at Yarmouth’s Cape Sands Inn. In the video, you can clearly see the extreme winds at the Cape tugging at the roof before a massive gust eventually carries the entire roof away in one go. The lack of injuries, luckily, makes the video a lot more enjoyable than it would be otherwise. These were only the fourth and fifth tornadoes recorded on Cape Cod since 1950. If these are to become a more common occurrence, though, we're going to all need some stronger roofs.