Boston, MA– Public transportation is never the most fun thing in the world and it is extremely easy (and believe me, I am guilty of this, as well) to just try to tune out the world and keep your head down until you get to your destination. But every now and then, even on the MBTA, you may see something extremely wholesome and lovely that makes you believe in the kindness of strangers. If your head is down, your sunglasses are on, and your headphones are turned on, you might miss moments like this that remind you why it can be so great to live in Boston sometimes.

Thanks to a video posted to Reddit, we got to see a very charming moment that happened around midnight on the orange line near Massachusetts Avenue.

Some wholesomeness on the Orange line from boston

The video is of a man doing Tai Chi at the Mass Ave. station (posted by a user with a decidedly unwholesome name: u/dolphinchodeblaster). The Tai Chi man started out his practice alone before an entire group of public transport riders joined into his session to practice some Tai Chi of their own. Now, this could just be a group of random people who slowly but surely all joined together to follow in this man’s graceful footsteps, but it is also likely that since this was at midnight on a Saturday that many of these people were drunk. But hey, drunk vibes does not necessarily preclude people from the good vibes that come from doing Tai Chi randomly on the orange line.

If you know Boston, there is probably a good chance that you have seen this guy around the city. He is known for his exercises throughout Boston. He can be seen doing things like stretches, Tai Chi, and more in various parks around the city at any time during the day. Extremely unpredictable, you never know where he might pop up next! But if you do happen to see him, then don’t be afraid to join in and learn a thing or two. You might be a part of a moment that is so singularly Boston.