Boston, MA - A rafter of turkeys were on the loose in Boston near an elementary school, causing some residents to act like chickens.

The wild bird has been on the loose for weeks, and it just so happens that it likes to roam around the Dennis C. Haley Pilot School. According to reports, the turkey has been chasing children and adults around for quite some time, leading some people to become a little startled and slightly afraid of the bird.

Brittney Moon, a school parent of one of the students, came forward in an interview to provide commentary. Moon stated that the turkey had previously chased herself, and her son, across the school parking lot. She added that the bird has been terrorizing the crossing guard for weeks, too.

School officials have told reporters that the bird has been lurking around the school so much so that students are encouraged to stay inside; in other words, recess and outdoor play is not a good idea at this time. The K-8 public school is not too happy about this, but they have to do what they have to do.

Another parent, Sean Glover, came forward to state that the turkey seems to be territorial of the school and surrounding areas. For instance, the bird was hanging out comfortably on top of a car this past Thursday, parked in Wendy’s parking lot down the street from the school.

Even still, another parent came forward in an interview; Nancy Allen stated that many parents are having difficulties dropping off and picking up their children from school. Some parents have so much trouble that they stay trapped in their cars for quite some time before they can get out.

Animal Control stepped in to try and take control of the situation on Thursday, but the turkey was too fast and ended up getting away.

If the turkey somehow makes its way over to the wildlife sanctuary right around the corner, it will be safe. Until then, Animal Control is said to continue to look for the bird.