Boston, MA - The man that’s known as the “Brazen Botanist” plead guilty recently after a home surveillance tape was provided to the authorities. The tape showed the man stealing hanging plants from a Salem porch last spring.

The person found guilty of this crime, conveniently named Joseph Gardner, is 43 and was sentenced yesterday to a year of jail time.

Gardner had allegedly done a good job at hiding until a person from one of the household’s from which he stole came forward with a video footage catching him in the act. The homeowner had previously planted a camera in the Ring doorbell, which caught Gardner on tape. The tape revealed a man in a hooded sweatshirt stealing hanging plants from a home on Marlborough Road on May 16th around 1 o’clock in the morning. The tape that was brought forward gave the police the evidence they needed to start tracking Gardner down.

Once the Salem Police Department received the video, they almost immediately posted it to Facebook to gain the help of citizens. In addition, the tape appeared on the news. Shortly after, a call was received from an anonymous person steering the police in the right direction to find the thief. In the process of finding Gardner, the police also found that the man had a lengthy record, one that included larceny charges.

Officers immediately sought fit to go to Gardner’s last known living address, where they found his former girlfriend living. She let them search the premises, to where they found some of the stolen plants. When they confronted the woman, she stated that she had bought them. However, when they re-confronted the situation, stating that the plants looked exactly like those that had been stolen, she came clean and told officers that Gardner had given them to her as a ‘gift.’

The police left with the plants and later returned them to their rightful owner.

Officers were unable to locate Gardner immediately. They responded by putting out a warrant for his arrest, and later arrested him in August.

The result is in, and he is to serve one year in state prison with no further information available currently.