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Video of Large, Deadly Fire at Fall River Apartment Complex Emerges

Video of Large, Deadly Fire at Fall River Apartment Complex Emerges

Boston, MA - Late last night, a fire continued to rage at the Four Winds apartment complex in Fall River. Sources have stated that a woman died and another was critically injured when their car crashed into the building, igniting the fire at around 9AM on Tuesday, but the fire continued well into that night.

The body of Judith Mauretti, a 72-year-old from Fall River, was found dead inside the vehicle which had been plowed into an apartment unit of the building, according to the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office. Initially, two units were immediately destroyed, causing the evacuation of 36 apartments in Building 15.

After hours of battling the blaze and hopes that the fire department was gaining control, reports came out that the flames had spread to the other side of the building.

Throughout this morning, firefighters were still on the scene battling the spreading fire which had claimed countless apartments in what had grown into an unmanageable situation.

As late as 10am on Wednesday, John Lynch, the Fall River Fire Chief, said that there "is still a lot of fire" that his team is dealing with, noting that the entire building might not survive the event.

"This building is so compromised we can’t allow anybody in there, so we’re basically going to rip this building down," stated Lynch.