Boston, MA - An investigation was started after a Boston Police Department SUV was seen on camera crashing into an alleged thief riding a moped.

Paul English is the co-founder of the website known as Kayak and the popular travel booking company Lola, and he just so happened to catch on camera a Boston Police Department SUV chasing a young man on a moped. According to English, the instance happened in the Seaport area early Sunday morning. His dashboard camera had recorded to the event.

English stated in an interview that he saw a young man on a scooter trying to outrun the police. According to the video, police officers were chasing him in a Boston PD SUV.

On the other side of the situation, police officers came forward to defend themselves; according to the police, the young kid was running from the police because he had just stolen the moped he was driving. He was running from the authorities because he was at fault.

English thought that the site he saw was aggressive; it could have potentially been handled better. The police officer driving the Boston PD SUV pulled directly up to where the kid on the moped had stopped, yet the SUV continued to accelerate and crash into the kid. The young kid was thrown from the scooter and the scooter ended up being pretty banged up. Police immediately left the scene thereafter.
The authorities stated that the boy was about to steal another scooter.

While English did think that the scene caught on camera was a little crazy, he still understands that the police were trying to do their job the best they could, by getting the criminal off of the streets. He kindly added that he is very grateful for all the police officers of Boston, including the city’s new police commissioner.

According to police, the suspect has yet to be found. If anyone has any information regarding the incident or the alleged thief’s whereabouts, they are encouraged to contact the Boston Police Department immediately.