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VIDEO: Michael Chavis Hits a Home Run for an Adorable Kid

VIDEO: Michael Chavis Hits a Home Run for an Adorable Kid

Boston, MA– No one has taken the MLB by storm more than Michael Chavis of the Boston Red Sox. After a solid spring training stint, Chavis returned to the minor leagues before a slew of infield injuries resulted in his return to the bigs. Since then, Chavis has been thoroughly embraced by Boston and in the time since he was called back up 28 games ago, no one on the Red Sox has hit more home runs than Chavis has, with ten. He has even skyrocketed to second place in the race for American League Rookie of the Year. Everyone has Chavis fever.

But it is certainly a lot easier to root for Chavis when he is also such a likable guy. On Twitter, he’s got jokes and he has completely embraced the “Ice Horse” nickname, which was randomly ascribed to him by Jared Carrabis of the “Section 10” podcast. Chavis fits right in with the Red Sox and that became even more evident recently when, during a game against the Houston Astros, a five-year old PA announcer named Jaxon excitedly announced that Chavis was coming up to bat.

In response, Chavis acknowledged the kid and, well, just watch what happens next for yourself.

This has to be on the same level as Babe Ruth calling his shot and hitting a home run to the exact spot, except this one is even cuter because Chavis did it for an adorable child. In response to the viral moment, Jaxon’s sister took to Twitter to share more about her brother.

And Chavis, of course, had a response.

I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but I think that is pretty much as adorable and as wholesome as you can get during a baseball game and it has certainly endeared Chavis to many Sox fans. I remember seeing Dustin Pedroia falling flat on his stomach after a huge cut at the plate 12 years ago and he instantly became my favorite player. Chavis is probably going to be Jaxon’s favorite for a long, long time.