STURBRIDGE – Yes. This happened.  This moment brought to you by Sturbridge, Massachusetts. This video was captured last week after an ill-conceived plan to eradicate a hornet infestation went awry.

Per the local newspaper in the Sturbridge area, Telegram and Gazette, Sturbridge resident Dave Schmida lit the corner of his home’s roof on fire earlier in the week when he was trying to burn out a nest of hornets that had taken up residence in his home. His first step was to use Raid, a spray that is intended to kill insects and pests, but when that failed, Schmida took his weapon of choice to the next level by using a Roman candle (read: literal fireworks) to light the entire nest of hornets on fire. Of course, his roof went with it.

Acting quickly, Schmida used a fire extinguisher to keep the damage minimal, and only a few boards in the roof were damaged. The hornets were definitely not okay, on the other hand. But, I suppose that was Schmida’s goal. Schmida: 1. Hornets: 0.

In response to the incident, Schmida reflected on his learnings. “Raid is very flammable if you are going to light a bee’s nest on fire, don’t use Raid first. And, don’t do it on a house! Or in general, I guess.”

I mean, I understand where he is coming from. Sometimes, there is a spider on the ceiling that is too far away to reach with a tissue, so I will try to use the end of a golf club or something. I’d be lying if I said a lighter as a weapon against the spider never crossed my mind. I like to think I would never actually go through with something so insane, though. Let Schmida's experience in Sturbridge be a lesson to us all.

Image via Twitter