Boston, MA– Fire hydrants are crucial pieces of any community's infrastructure. These brightly painted water spouts are essential protection in case of fire-related emergencies. But every now and then, fire hydrants can "malfunction," with hilarious outcomes.

Ouch from r/boston

That was the case in this video uploaded to Reddit's "What Could Go Wrong?" forum by user, u/flagdownrr, and then shared to the Boston subreddit by u/krishf12. The video depicts a fire hydrant that was leaking and spraying water around a Boston street. It's clearly been going on for some time as the firetruck had time to stop and park near the hydrant so firefighters could fix the leak. Additionally, a crown had gathered around the scene. At a safe enough distance to avoid the splash zone, though, of course.

To the firefighter, the leak seemed like a routine fix so he stood in front of the pressurized coupling to give the hydrant a quick turn, which he clearly expected would fix all the problems. But as one volunteer firefighter, u/distractedbyshinyobj, pointed out, the problem was not that the coupling was loose on the fire hydrant, but rather the entire thing was attached incorrectly. When the firefighter adjusted the coupling on the hydrant, the pressure broke through and snapped the entire thing off, leading to an even more violent and pressurized streak of water.

This, of course, wound up blasting the firefighter back directly into the pole behind him. Ouch. Thankfully the firefighter did not seem to sustain any sort of serious injury, so we can all have a collective chuckle at the unfortunate timing of the fire hydrant's water pressure and the hijinks that fire hydrants play on us humans. It's just another day with another bizarre occurrence transpiring on the streets of Boston!

Maybe the next time a hydrant is leaking on the streets of the city, the firefighter tasked with fixing the problem knows better than to stand between the problem and a solid metal pole behind him.