Boston, MA– On Sunday night, when the Boston Bruins prevailed over the Toronto Maple Leafs by a score of 4-2 to force a game seven on Tuesday night in Boston, it seems like the fans of the Leafs might have taken friendly competition between the fans one step too far.

The video shows Leafs fans and fans of the Bruins begin to quarrel with one another verbally, escalating to physical altercations. On a very public street in Toronto, in broad daylight, the video appeared to show a Maple Leafs fan lighting a Bruins fan on fire. People couldn't believe it, saying the whole thing was absolutely despicable, that some fans are just incapable of having friendly competition with opposing fans, and at the end of the day, it's just sports, etc. The whole thing would be a pretty low point for Toronto hockey fans, if it were true.

Let's use our common sense here. Aren't Canadian citizens and sports fans notorious for being among the kindest people in the world, so thoughtful and caring and considerate that they would never even think to cut someone off in traffic, never mind lighting them on fire?

That's just how the story ended up developing as the video was initially tweeted and made viral by NELK Filmz, a group of pranksters in Toronto who have become known for taking a number of pranks to the next level. The hoax was eventually officially unveiled when Kyle Forgeard, a participant in NELK Filmz, posted a picture on Instagram with his friends involved with the video and a brief showcase of the fire special effects used in the video.

The prank definitely worked as many Bostonians were up in arms about the way Toronto fans "acted," but ultimately it was a prank well done and no one got hurt along the way. At least, as far as I know. The video was even taken before game six. And besides, Boston fans have plenty to be happy about right now, with the Bruins moving on to round two tomorrow night!

Image via Twitter / NELKFilmz