Cambridge, MA - Two men from Boston are now facing trespassing charges after allegedly refusing to leave Lynch Skate Park located in Cambridge this past Sunday. Police officers arrested the men on-site, though some are claiming the use of excessive force in the interaction.

The Cambridge skate park has strict rules when it comes to their hours of operation, specifically prohibiting the use of the park after dark. On Sunday night, at about 8:30 p.m., a trooper made his night rounds of the Lynch Skate Park located in Cambridge. According to the trooper, there were several people still in the park after hours of operation, which means that the people present had violated the skate park’s rules. There was a sign hanging nearby to let all park users know in advance.

When the trooper found people in the park at this time, he announced over the speaker in his car that they had to evacuate the premises. When they refused to leave, the trooper stepped out of his vehicle to ask them again to leave the park. After several requests made by the trooper for the skater’s to leave, he had no choice but to arrest two men.

Derek Hanlon, age 27, was the first to be arrested on trespassing charges. According to the trooper, Hanlon had allegedly refused to leave the skate park and attempted to resist arrest as all surrounding people watched. The second person to be arrested by the trooper was Askia Burns, age 24. Burns was arrested by the trooper because of his unnecessary commentary. He had stated that he would be returning to the skate park immediately after the police left.

Both Hanlon and Burns were released on a $40 bail. The two men were arraigned in Cambridge District Court this past Monday.

The Lynch Skate Park would like to emphasize that anybody found on park premises after dusk will be escorted out immediately. If given a hard time, police officers are subject to arrest you on the spot. Police officers do a routine check of the skate park every night; choose your skating times wisely to avoid this instance from happening to you.