BOSTON – In the past year, the departments in charge of transportation and its accommodating facilities have been toying with a number of ideas regarding city street lanes. One such plan had the idea of turning a lane into a bus lane altogether. Another idea was to make one lane an "express lane" by charging a toll to drivers who opted to use it.

One rule about lanes on the road that has always been concrete, however, is that bike lanes are meant to be used by cyclists, and not motorists.

The issue of safety has been one of prominence lately, as vehicles in bike lanes have resulted in numerous injuries to cyclists. It has become such a problem in the Boston area that a recent report from Boston 25 News stated that Brookline police officers are beginning to crack down on people who park in the lanes designated for cyclists.

But as one viral video from the Boston Reddit shows, they might need to crack down on people who drive in the lanes designated for cyclists, too.

CyClIsTs MuSt Do BeTtEr from boston

This video, shared by Reddit user u/FostersFloofs, shows a number of vehicles "taking advantage" of the lane designated for cyclists so they can bypass traffic more easily. Obviously, this is not permitted in any way, so to see car after car follow the lead idiot who began the "trend" is quite disheartening.

In a time where cyclist safety is preached by those on bicycles and mocked by those in cars, there is no denying that this shows a blatant disregard for people who may need to actually use the lane for its designated purpose and for the laws of traffic altogether.

Next time you see a parade of drivers attempting this, you should definitely use one of the classic strategies of traffic, which is to inch your car into the lane next to you so there is enough room for cyclists and bikers to get by, but not enough room for a vehicle that is not supposed to be driving there. Keeping them stymied is the only way.