Boston, MA - Victor Pena, the 38-year-old man accused of kidnapping Olivia Ambrose in Boston, displayed unusual behavior after hearing a court order for a mental evaluation at the Bridgewater State Hospital before attending his next court date.

On January 19, 2019, Pena kidnapped Olivia Ambrose and brought her back to his apartment located at the Bunker Hill Housing Development.

Here’s a little back story to the incident and the kidnapper himself:

The victim being kidnapped, 23-year-old Olivia Ambrose, had just left Hennessy’s Bar located on Union Street where she went out for a night of drinks with her twin sister and friends. Later that night, she was approached by Pena and another man. This information was solidified by the surveillance video provided to the police at the corner of Congress Street. Shortly after the two men approached her, the other man (name not yet released) left Pena and Ambrose alone. Later on in the investigation, the other man became a witness.

According to video surveillance tapes, Pena had taken Ambrose to the State Street MBTA stop signaling one of the last places police could trace her back to. Police Commissioner William B. Gross watched the tapes and stated that it did not look like Ambrose was following Pena willingly.

A few days went by in the investigation, and police officials were able to locate Ambrose’s cell phone and track it to the apartment located at the Bunker Hill Housing Department. Police went to the location, knocked on the door fervently, and were about to break-in when Pena opened the door. According to reports, Ambrose was standing there terrified. Pena was put under arrest immediately, even though he resisted quite violently.

Pena’s brother was asked about the situation, to which he stated that his brother has always exhibited signs of being mentally challenged; he went on to state that this whole situation must have been a mistake. Pena had told his brother that the woman was there to simply clean his apartment.

Pena’s ex-girlfriend was also questioned about the incident, to which she stated that he had done something similar to her in the past. In fact, Pena had held Maybely Ceneno, his ex, against her will back in 2013.

When Pena was brought to Charlestown District Court on Wednesday, his defense attorney, Joseph Perullo, asked for Pena to be seen by a clinician first. Dr. Jodie Shapiro examined him before going in front of a judge and determined that he had shown signs of psychotic behavior. During the exam, he stated he did not know why he was in court and claimed he was hearing voices. According to his medical records, he occasionally takes anti-psychotic medications. Shapiro ordered Pena to undergo an in-depth medical evaluation before coming back to court on February 11, 2019, to which he sobbed openly once hearing.