Boston, MA – For many, nothing is more refreshing than an ice cold beer when it comes to the summer heat in Boston. And luckily for craft beer drinkers, Boston has been steadily making progress for places to enjoy one.

Throughout the spring-time, various locations throughout the city of Boston announced that they would be having pop-up beer gardens— which are off-premises brewery beer gardens that are temporarily there for your enjoyment and break from every-day routine. Last spring/summer, Boston saw a mere five pop-up beer gardens within the city. This year, however, Boston is stepping up its game and giving us a little more of that sweet nectar— having the proposals for various pop-ups reach into the double digits with a majority of them being accepted.

The city has seen many of these seasonal beer gardens thrive so far - the one picutred above is located at the West End Street Railway's Central Power Station. Some examples are the Aeronaut Brewing that brings music and craft beers to Allston every Wednesday and Friday night. Another is the Castle Island Brewing that serves the city Thursday through Sunday.

With all of the excitement brewing in the city, recently, it was announced that The Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR), which is the government agency in Massachusetts that manages state parks and various acres of land throughout the state, is in the process of accepting two new proposals for seasonal beer gardens. Both will be alongside the Charles River Reservation; with one being on the Esplanade and another one in Brighton.

The beer garden proposed for the Esplanade will (hopefully) be opened at the Storrow Memorial Embankment Park, which is a little offset from the Fairfield Street and Dartmouth Street intersection. The Park, and the Esplanade as a whole, already is a place for city-members to thrive and enjoy themselves on any given summer day. Major projects have made it a vital green space, to walk, sit and lay alongside the Charles River bank—allowing one to tan alongside the breeze and eye-ball happy couples strolling through the grass. The area also has various activities, such as but certainly not limited to: the Community Boating, INC where you can rent kayaks and take windsurfing lessons, tennis courts, playgrounds and the annual Fourth of July Boston Pops. While the Esplanade is a place any person of any age can enjoy themselves, one thing that it was lacking was a place to get a nice, cold drink to cleanse the pallet. Hopefully, if this proposal goes through, the pop-up beer garden will complete the land. This hot piece of land can be seen pictured below.

The latter of the beer garden’s in review will be at the Christian A. Herter Park, which is located on Soldiers Field Road across from Harvard Stadium’s Gate 14. Unlike the Esplanade, there is not necessarily much going on here; it’s an outdoor venue that has an amphitheater that’s historical to the neighborhood of Brighton but has not received much usage since 2008. The Friends of Herter Park, however, have been working since 2015 to revitalize the park and enhance community spaces for city folks. One way to bring people together and show them a good time is by bringing a pop-up beer garden, and so hopefully the DCR sees this plots potential and approves it within the upcoming month. This park can also be pictured below.

Just for your reference, some Bostonians active on the city’s Reddit thread have taken it upon themselves to help other beer and Beantown lovers out. On the “Welcome to Boston” Wiki link, found here, users have compiled a comprehensive guide to exploring the city for the best experience possible. The link varies from things like fun Day-time Activities, to traditional tourist spots, to where to get the best bite to eat. If you follow the hyper-link to the Reddit thread, you will be able to keep track of the latest beer gardens popping up throughout the city, other various activities and establishments to enjoy on a day-to-day basis, and ask other users for suggestions on whatever event you may be craving.