Boston, MA - Udon, poised to rival ramen as the most popular Japanese noodle dish, is about to find another outlet in Boston, as Japanese chain Tsurutontan announced plans to open a new location at the Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore Square; home to Eastern Standard Restaurant and Island Creek Oyster Bar

The restaurant will go before the Boston Licensing Board on July 25 for approval to purchase the beer and wine license now held by Peruvian fusion restaurant Masona Grill in West Roxbury, which is closing later this month.

Tsurutontan currently operates three US locations; two in Manhattan and one in Hawaii. The restaurant—whose name translates to “Noodle Craftsman's Hospitality,” with "tsuru ton tan" intended to mimic the successive sounds of the noodle being made—was initially founded in 1979 in Osaka and has since spawned into a franchise with over twelve scattered throughout Japan.

Despite the lack of an opening date, Tsurutontan already has its first rival: Yume Ga Arukara, an udon-specific spin-off of popular ramen hotspot Yume Wo Katare in Porter Square which opened earlier last year.

While Tsurutontan’s menu will be anchored by both hot and cold udon, the restaurant also includes other Japanese staples: donburi (rice bowls served with various ingredients), maki, sashimi, tempura shrimp and sukiyaki.

A tentative opening date has yet to be announced.

Hotel Commonwealth is located at 500 Commonwealth Ave in Boston. For more information about Tsurutontan, visit