Boston, MA - There have been times when Uber riders have felt uncomfortable in a stranger’s vehicle. There have been others when they’ve felt in danger. Such cases have been coming up in the news a lot more lately, leading companies like Uber to change their current system.

Uber is proud to announce that they’ve added a safety measure to their application; now, Uber riders can get in contact with emergency departments in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when they find themselves in an unsafe situation. Though not all cities and towns across the country have this, it’s safe to say that they’ll be getting it soon. Cambridge, Massachusetts, will be one of the first to try out the new security and safety system.

So, what happens when you connect with Cambridge Emergency Services via the mobile app? Your information will instantly appear on the Cambridge dispatcher’s system. This includes all live trip details, including but not limited to the car you’re in (make, model, license plate), location, and any information you’ve entered yourself. If you do choose to enter information about your trip, it will go directly into the “safety profile” form that emergency personnel will take a look at right away once you’ve reached out.

Also, your name (the rider/caller) is in the information given to the Cambridge Police Department when you request emergency services via the app. Your Uber profile has likely updated and asked you current questions regarding the emergency personnel portion of the Uber app, including but not limited to your emergency contacts and any medical information that would be relevant in the time of an emergency.

As of now, Cambridge is the second city in the Commonwealth to connect 911 calls to Uber Passengers via the Uber mobile app; the first city was Springfield. Other cities and towns are hoping Uber acts quickly to implement the system to a broader audience. The driving company has assured the public that they will be taking the proper steps to incorporate the correct safety measures for all riders when using Uber.