Dorchester, MA - An Uber driver allegedly accused of raping one of his female passengers in Dorchester is currently being held on a $10K bail. According to sources, the driver had picked the female up after she had a birthday party at Faneuil Hall, to which the alleged raping happened.

Michael Squadrito, age 40 of Everett, pleaded guilty this past Wednesday when he appeared in court for his arraignment. The rape charges were brought forward in Dorchester District Court yesterday.

According to reports, the victim was celebrating her birthday with some of her friends when she called an Uber to go home. Court documents stated that she requested the Uber after the night had ended. The victim stated that instead of Squadrito driving her home, he drove to a different location in Dorchester, pulled the car over, got in the back seat, and began sexually assaulting her without consent. Prosecutor Darcy Carey stated that the victim remembers Squadrito getting on top, pulling her pants and underwear down to her ankles, and putting pressure on her body.

Police officials came forward after the woman had given her report. They stated that the woman only remembers little bits and pieces of the night, considering she had been drinking throughout the night.

After the victim left the vehicle, she had her mother pick her up and take her to a hospital in Boston. When she arrived at the hospital, she gave her statement regarding the sexual assault.

Squadrito told court officials that there was always a video camera in his vehicle and that they could view the video to prove that the woman had given consent. After watching the video, officials determined that there was no sufficient evidence backing up his claims.

Squadrito has been fired from Uber.

An Uber spokesman came forward to say that the reports he is hearing of Squadrito are deeply disappointing. Uber wants all passengers to feel comfortable in their vehicles. The spokesman also stated that his and the company’s thoughts are with the victim during this horrible time.

Uber will continue to work with the courts and the case during this time.